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Mambo Timing: 4/4 (4 beats per bar)

Mambo Tempo: 40-52 Bars per minute

50's Cuban Jazz is the signature of the ever popular Mambo. One of the forerunners to Salsa it has influenced most of the Latin dances from Cha Cha to Rumba. It is sometimes referred to as New York Salsa.

Fast and fun with plenty of choreography the Mambo appeals to all comers from raw beginners to the most advanced dancers. Easy and fun to learn to dance.

Immortalised in the hit movie 'Dirty Dancing' it has all the ingredients of a first class dance and even today's music has influences that are very 'Mambo', making it a very versatile, exciting dance. The recent hit 'Mambo No. 5' by Lou Bega revitalised interest in Mambo.

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