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Line Dancing
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Owing a lot of it's popularity following the 70's disco craze of 'Disco Line Dancing' as seen in the hit movie Saturday Night Fever, line dancing continues to be popular around the world.

Danced in lines and all using the same steps it can seem impressive and daunting the first time you see a room full of 'boot scooters' grapevining their way across the floor. The easy line dances are relatively simple and once you get into the whole concept the moves flow. With many dances repeating moves it just gets easier and easier as you progress.

Not always danced to country music, there has been a big influence from Latin music in recent years, although the 'Red Hot Salsa' is a far cry from the actual Salsa!

So if you like to dress up in your best cowboy gear or you want a relaxed fun night, with no dressing up, then give line dancing a go