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Since the beginning of time people have danced to music, from the tribal dances of Africa through to the Ballroom dances at the turn of the century. Then came the 1960's and 70's and a new standard for dance was set, this was the emergence of 'Disco' dancing. Gone was the partner and people moved and danced by themselves on the dance floor.

Streetdance is the modern emergence of Disco and consists of choreographed routines to popular music. Danced by all the popstars and seen in videos and on TV this style has increased in popularity over the last couple of years to become the dance style that everyone wants to do. Danced to a huge variety of music from hip hop to reggae, pop music to latin, it is also a fun way to keep fit through the energy of the dancing.

Freestyle Disco is routine based and can be a little more in depth than streetdance with dancers doing flips and jumps. There are many competitions around the world for freestyle.