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Needing very little introduction this style of dance is the epitome of grace and movement. Swan Lake is conjured up when you think of ballet, and lithe, graceful dancers float around a stage filled with wonderful music and lighting effects.

Originating in 1600's Italy, ballet moved to France when the first ballet school opened in 1661 by Louis XIV and allowed only men to dance. Beauchamps, a French ballet instructor created the five basic ballet positions in the 1600's that are still taught today. Still using their French names these positions help the dancers maintain balance whilst looking graceful.

Tap Dancing

With it's roots in clog dancing, tap is oftened accredited to the negro slaves of early America.

Danced using a special shoe with a metal tip, tap dancing is fun, energetic and a joy to watch and listen to! Probably the most famous tap dancer of them all is Fred Astaire who wowed movie goers with his fabulous style of dancing and his intricate tap routines.