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Tango Argentino
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Timing: 4/4 (4 beats per bar)

Tempo: Variable


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Aspirations style of teaching has been succesful in teaching over 6000 people worldwide from celebrities to housewives, students to Company Directors so whatever your circumstance this DVD will have you dancing Tango in no time at all! It is filmed from three different angles, side, man's view, and lady's view.

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Born a lifetime and a half ago in the squalid gutters where hope fought despair, the Tango lost its adolescent innocence in the bordellos and tough back street bars of the Buenos Aires barrios before emerging from the shadows of its birthplace to entrance and inspire the world in the ultimate dance of man and woman.

Tango begins with an encounter as the dancers prepare to explore the potential of the moment and face fate on the dance floor. The soul touching strains of the Bandoneon, reach out through the shadows and draw them ever deeper in to the dance that is theirs alone. In Tango, the man and woman are equal. Each explores the other... feet touch. Each tests the other... as they weave intricate movements. Each may seduce... the suggestion of an embrace. Either may be seduced. The restrained passion of the Tango will never reach its ultimate conclusion for its power lies in the potential of the moment not in its fulfilment.

This is not the refined and formal sophistication of the Ballroom Tango or of Tango de Salon but the exciting, authentic, raw and original Tango of the Buenos Aires Orillas - Tango Orillero for "Esto es Tango!" - This is Tango !!