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Chester: England's Most Haunted City

A Spectral Monk

Haunted St John's Ruins, ChesterThe half ruined arches of Chester's St John's Priory and Church , close beside the Legionary Fortress's Roman Amphitheatre, are the atmospheric scene for one of the city's best known hauntings.

Over the years, all sorts of people have witnessed a strange cowled figure in the vicinity. The mother of a barmaid due to be married at St John's was amazed to see a ghostly monk standing on the steps of the so-called ‘haunted alleyway' that leads down to the river beside the church on her daughter's wedding day.

A schoolboy returning home one evening by another narrow path to the river on the far side of the church, was also surprised by a strange apparition. Looking up across the nearby bowling green, the ordinarily sceptical 12-year-old saw the misty outline of a monk looking at him from the edge of the churchyard above. It was there for a moment or two, he said, before it vanished. After that, his mother said, her son seemed to have changed.

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