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Chester: England's Most Haunted City

Soldier MacKenzie

Scottish hospital ghost, ChesterWithin the north-west corner of the city walls once stood the old Chester Royal Infirmary.

It's an area long associated with death: almost 2,000 years ago it was a Roman cemetery whose burials are still unearthed by archaeologists today; and from the Middle Ages onwards it hosted plague cabins where infected Chester people were forced to live in quarantine until they either recovered or died.

When the Infirmary was still standing, many of the staff claimed to have seen the spectre of ‘Soldier MacKenzie’. He was a Scottish soldier brought there from the trenches with serious wounds during the First World War. When he languished and died of his wounds, he was buried with full honours – but in a hospital shroud instead of his uniform. Many witnesses believed he marched through the wards on an eternal mission to find his missing uniform.

Today the hospital has been demolished and replaced with luxury housing and apartments. Yet few, if any, of the residents can realise the dark history of the area or what lies beneath their feet.


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