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Chester: England's Most Haunted City

Chester Poltergeists

The ancient, walled city of Chester seems to have an extraordinary level of poltergeist activity.

The word poltergeist comes from the German, meaning, literally, ‘noisy spirit'. Unlike ghosts or hauntings, poltergeists are never seen but only heard or felt. Poltergeists are often mischievous and are sometimes known as 'nuisance spirits'. They make unexplained noises, move, throw, or hide objects, and even touch or push living people. The presence of a poltergeist is often obvious and terrifying.

Do you have a poltergeist or ghost story to tell? Or maybe you are sceptical about ghosts? Then visit the Haunted House forum and have your say.

Cellar Poltergeist
Cellar poltergeist, ChesterBeneath a Georgian house in Chester's secluded Abbey Green, just off Northgate Street, is a Roman cellar that seems to be the focus of a mischievous resident spirit … More>>
Hermit's Cell
Poltergeist's cell, ChesterOn a sandstone knoll overlooking Chester's river Dee, close to the city walls, is the curious Anchorite's Cell - home to a ill-behaved spirit that springs to life at Halloween. More>>

Orphan Susan
Victorian poltergeist, ChesterAn unnamed café in Bridge Street , at the heart of Chester's walled city, is home to ‘Susan', the troubled spirit of a Victorian girl who hung herself to escape the unceasing drudgery of the bakehouse. More>>

Bumps in the Night
Chester's rambling Bingo Hall in Brook Street is home to a sinister supernatural presence that manifests itself so often that the staff have nicknamed it ‘George'. More>>

A ‘Nuisance Spirit'
A mysterious paranormal presence haunts Chester's 13 Lower Bridge Street. Trouble began when renovations in 1984 disturbed a dormant spirit … More>>

Palace Poltergeist
Chester's Old Bishops Palace is a Georgian mansion overlooking the riverside Groves. It's home to two long-established Victorian spirits, one of them an active poltergeist. More>>

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