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Chester: England's Most Haunted City

Haunted Links

These are some of our favourite supernatural links:

British Ghosts and Hauntings
Mysterious Britain http://www.mysteriousbritain.co.uk/
Paranormal news http://www.paranormalnews.com/
Phantom or fraud project http://www.phantomorfraud.com/
Paranormal Groups
English ghosts and hauntings society http://www.ghrs.org/england/

NorthWest paranormal researchers


Cheshire Paranormal Society based in Ellesmere port. A fascinating site. http://www.cheshireparanormalsociety.co.uk/
Paranormal investigators based in Stockport http://groups.msn.com/clubzeroghostgroup
Weird and Wonderful
All things weird and wonderful http://www.forteantimes.com
Amusing ghostly cartoons http://www.rudimentsofwisdom.com/pages/ghosts.htm
Earth Mysteries
Chester and Regional Sites
The No 1 Chester site http://www.chester.com
Everything about Chester, ever! http://www.bwpics.co.uk/chester.html
Chester pub and restaurant reviews http://www.clarence.ndirect.co.uk/large/nc.htm
Weird Cheshire articles http://www.thisischeshire.co.uk/cheshire/weird/ghosts.html

Tell us yours, right now - info@chesterghosts.co.uk. Enjoy!

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