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Chester: England's Most Haunted City

The Old Hospital

Haunted hospital, ChesterOn the outskirts of Chester there stood until recently the old City Hospital on Hoole Lane, the scene of a series of inexplicable and frightening events.

The hospital was originally a workhouse where the poor and destitute were separated into male and female sections, and made to live and work in harsh conditions. Later it became a hospital with all its attendant suffering, illnesses and deaths.

Several one-time patients, retired nurses and other staff tell how they witnessed the misty outlines of human figures in the corridors, or recall certain rooms being icy cold even in the depths of summer. Others tell of hearing the sound of beds being dragged across empty, locked wards on the floors above, or of catching the faint sob of a child in the night.

Demolished in the 1990s, the site of the old hospital is now covered in an estate of houses. But who knows what goes on in those apparently peaceful homes?


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