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Chester: England's Most Haunted City

Haunted Chester

Chester can rightly claim to be the most haunted city in England. Haunted pubs and inns, haunted homes and houses, and haunted streets anfd alleys abound.

Hauntings are traumatic events trapped in time. The appearance and actions of the spectral figures are always the same. Like residual recordings, they replay some emotion-laden scene over and over again. More importantly, haunting spirits seem unable to interact with the living.

Do you have a ghost story to tell? Or maybe you are sceptical about ghosts? Then visit the Haunted House and have your say.

A Negative Spectre?
Negative ghost, ChesterChester's picturesque Stanley Palace is one of the most atmospheric and haunted buildings within the city walls. More>>

Spirit Footsteps
Haunted pub, ChesterNot far from Chester's Northgate stands the George and Dragon pub, an imposing Victorian black-and-white building haunted by the spirits of long-dead Roman soldiers. More>>

The Lost Crypt
Haunted crypt, ChesterClose to the heart of the walled city of Chester, on Bridge Street, is Booklands bookshop whose stone-arched medieval crypt is home to a spectral child. More>>

Fireman ‘Jack'
Haunted restaurant, ChesterNow one of Chester's most popular French restaurants, the Old Fire Station on Northgate Street is haunted by a helmeted and bewhiskered old fireman. More>>

The Old Hospital
Haunted hospital, ChesterOn the outskirts of Chester there stood until recently the Old City Hospital on Hoole Lane – the scene of a series of inexplicable and frightening events. More>>

New Life and Old
Ghostly monk, ChesterIn 1939, a pregnant woman living in oak-beamed house in Chester's Watergate Row felt a strange, cold wind envelop the room. When she looked up … More>>

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