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Chester: England's Most Haunted City

Chester Ghosts

Chester is a city of ghosts and apparitions. Its narrow streets, shadowed squares, black-and-white houses, and ancient inns are full of unquiet spirits from almost every age of Britain's history.

Ghosts seem to be the disembodied souls of the dead. Ghosts have their reasons: usually death in extremis or unfinished affairs of the heart or the soul. In fact, most ghosts are sad; their aim is not to frighten us but rather to communicate some urgent fact or message so they can rest in peace. To that end, ghosts - almost by definition - can often interact with the living.

Do you have a ghost story to tell? Or maybe you are sceptical about ghosts? Then visit the Haunted House and have your say.

Barlow's Ghost
Pub ghost, ChesterUntil 2002, Chester's unusual Barlow's pub occupied two-storeys at 30 Bridge Street. Now converted into a soulless shop, the building is still haunted by a disapproving former landlord. More>>

'Charlie' and 'Herbert'
Ghost monk, ChesterTwo ghostly monks have haunted part of Pepper Street, in central Chester, for many years. Affectionately known to local people as 'Charlie' and 'Herbert', the spectral figures achieved notoriety, however, only in the 1960s. More >>

Musical Ghost?
School ghost, ChesterOverlooking Chester's ancient city walls on the western edge of the city is the ornate Victorian Queen's School. This upmarket private girls school stands on the former site of the 'City Gaol and House of Correction'. More >>
Soldier MacKenzie
Hospital ghost, ChesterWithin the north-west corner of Chester's ancient city walls once stood the old Chester Royal Infirmary. ‘Soldier Mackenzie' was seen by many of the staff who pondered over his frequent ghostly visits … More>>
Ghost on the Stairs
Ghostly murder, ChesterIn the years following World War Two, a well-known Chester medium living in Bridge Street Row uncovered the sad secret of her ‘ghostly tenant'. More>>
Roman Experience?
Roman ghost, ChesterThe Dewa Roman Experience, up narrow Pierpoint Lane, is a popular Chester visitor attraction – with an unusual feature. For as well as ... More >>
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