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Chester: England's Most Haunted City


What is a ghost?

Ghosts are the disembodied spirits of dead people who through some trauma or emotional extreme remain trapped on earth. Often they are trying to tell the living something of importance before they can move on.

What does haunting mean?

Haunted Eastgate Clock, ChesterHauntings seem to be traumatic events trapped in time. Like residual recordings, they seem to be replaying some emotion-laden scene over and over. Apparitions are linked to specific places, and always dress and act in exactly the same way.

What is a poltergeist?

Poltergeists are literally ‘noisy spirits'. Unlike ghosts or hauntings, poltergeists are never seen but only heard or felt. They make unexplained bumps, moans or rattling noises, move or hide objects, and even touch or push living people.

Why Chester?

Two thousand years of human occupation make Chester a truly atmospheric and spooky city. Chester is certainly England's most haunted city. Prepare to be scared.

How many ghosts are there in Chester?

Haunted inn, ChesterMany of the houses, pubs and shops crammed inside the ancientwalls have their own ghosts, hauntings or poltergeists. Other spirits haunt the streets, churches, castle, ruins and ancient monuments. We estimate there are roughly 120-160 haunted sites in central Chester alone.

What's your favourite Chester ghost story?

Probably the one about the disappearing old man who visited the Coach and Horses pub in Town Hall Square. Now that's creepy! Read the full story in The Haunted Chester Tour , a fully illustrated, fold-out map and guide available all over Chester for just £1.50. Or why not buy it online, now?

Where can I buy The Haunted Chester Tour guide?

The superb, extremely popular Haunted Chester Tour guide is available from Chester's Tourist Information centre, the Chester Visitor Centre, the library, museum, and most good bookshops and other outlets for just £1.50. Or why not buy it online, now?

How do I book tickets for the Chester Ghosthunter guided walks?

Haunted ruin, ChesterChester's popular nighttime Ghosthunter tours run throughout the tourist season from Easter to October. Tickets from the Tourist Information Centre, Chester Visitor Centre, and Dublin packet pub on Town Hall Square. Of course, it's simpler to buy tickets online here.

Where can I find out more about Chester ghosts?

Most of the information in the Haunted Chester Tour guide and on this website comes from local Chester sources, and personal research and contacts. In particular, visit: Chester Reference Library, Local History section, Town Hall Square, Chester; Chester History and Heritage Centre, Bridge Street, Chester; and the Chester Records Office, Duke Street, Chester.

Buy the Haunted Chester tour guide online here
Haunted Chester Paranormal Show see details here

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