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Chester: England's Most Haunted City

Cellar Poltergeist

Poltergeist activity, ChesterBeneath a Georgian house in Chester's secluded Abbey Green , just off Northgate Street, is a Roman cellar cut deep into the sandstone bedrock. It seems to the focus of a mischievous resident spirit who is never seen, but which moves and throws objects around.

Poltergeist activity started after renovations began in 1983. The new owner opened a restaurant and customers soon complained of hearing noises coming from beneath the floor. Three waitresses witnessed a picture lift itself from a chest of drawers and drop to the floor five feet away. A wine bottle from a locked room upstairs was discovered in the cellar, smashed against the wall. And a heavy oil stove was several times found many feet from its usual place. For some reason, most incidents seemed to occur around teatime, between 4 and 5pm.

Strangest of all, though, was the strong smell of ‘Lily of the Valley' perfume that often permeated the house without explanation



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