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Menu Suggestions

With Summer at a close and these darker, but still warm days with us, it's the foods and dishes that also see their seasonal change.

I thought a tasty vegetarian menu would suit this time of the year just perfectly. These particular recipes are not too heavy in their workload, as well as their flavours. The mushrooms to start are very simple to put together, offering an attractive finish in both taste and presentation. The tart tatin main course is so succulent to eat. The onions taking on a slight caramelisation, enhancing their natural sweet edge. This is then balanced by the crusty pastry on which they sit once turned out of the pan.

A mixed or green salad would be a good accompaniment, or perhaps some buttered late runner beans or French beans. Potatoes are not essential, but just boiled or steamed new potatoes will provide the service if preferred.
If you are a 'meat-eater', grilled or sauteed chicken breasts work very well accompanying the tart. To finish, I've chosen something a little different. This dessert just screams of Autumn, with young pumpkin slices openly grilled before gently sweetening. To assist the grilled slices, I've included a lemon sherbet offering a fizzy finish to the complete meal.


Red onion tarte tatin

Mixed salad
Buttered new potatoes


Grilled pumpkin and lemon sherbet