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  Laying the Table  

Atmosphere and presentation are vital for the best dining experience possible and although there is no substitute for good conversation getting the table setting right will give your guests something to talk about.

The style of table will reflect the type of occasion but following the rule of simplicity will keep it uncluttered and comfortable.

Relaxed & Informal

Set the table as simply as possible with the first course cutlery, wine and water glasses, include salt and pepper and a basket of bread. Supply the rest of the cutlery with each course as it comes.

Formal Event or Special occasion

For a more formal dining experience follow our step by step instructions on laying the table and you wont go wrong. More…


Flowers can be added to the table to enhance the layout. Try to keep the flowers stylish and simple to avoid guests having to dodge around them to have conversations.

Candles are great for adding mood to a dinner party, they can also add a touch of romance to a dinner for two. Avoid scented candles as the smell may overpower the aroma and taste of the food.