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Each month on garyrhodes.com there will be an exclusive recipe for you to try out. Happy Cooking!

Wwwelcome to Gary Rhodes.com

Its from here I look forward to sharing my culinary thoughts and feelings with you. The whole concept of these pages is to help re-introduce the table to all, acknowledge what is sitting in front of us, the food becoming the main topic of conversation.

Amongst this shopping list of recipes are many featured from my previous cookery books. As with all, these are not here to dictate, but instead inspire, with perhaps just one or two elements from each offering their services to your own recipe and menu compilation.

I shall also be including seasonal suggestions, reminding us all of the great British Produce available on a daily basis. With that in mind, a monthly seasonal recipe is to be included. One that hasn't appeared in any of the books and can be only found amongst these tasty pages.

Good cooking can so often appear to feel like hard work. It's this we need to leave behind us, drawing purely the enjoyment from the action in the pan. This can be helped along with extra cooking tips, points, almost success. There are many ways a menu, whether it be a full dinner party, barbeque or supper, can be planned and worked ahead, keeping the finishing touches to the last moment, providing the time for you to enjoy. It's the 'thinking ahead' secrets I'II be sharing with you, hopefully removing the word 'stress' from your vocabulary.

There's plenty for the future with lots of information on books, television, Rhodes Restaurants and many of my favourite eating houses to be mentioned too. Recipes, menu's and cooking tips to appear as continual features, with wines and table planning never to be forgotten.

And what else? Well, there's plenty more to look forward too, with any ideas of what you'd like to be included, or wish to find, just let me know.

Once of the greatest of culinary artists, Monsieur Auguste Escoffier (Executive chef at The Savoy Hotel, London, 1890-1898), who helped create the French repertoire of famous foods, was quoted -

'La Bonne cuisine est la base de véritable bonheur'

Good Cooking is the base to good living

I believe him.

Gary Rhodes


Autumn into Winter
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